The Secret of the Ndoro

Unravelling the mystery of the Ndoro swirl

You may have wondered about the origin of our logo, the lazy spiral that we know and love as the The Zen Shed “Ndoro”.

The Ndoro, a flat, spiral image, originated in central Africa, over a thousand years ago, in the area now know as Zimbabwe. To make these prized symbols, local tribesmen spent weeks grinding down seashells. The resulting spiral or Ndoro was used as currency, in spiritual practice and for decoration, and this much sought after symbol came to signify spiritual and material prosperity. 

Of course this imagery has a resonance within many ancient cultures from Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia, and is one of the oldest symbols used in spiritual practices.  Found in nature it is often considered a sacred symbol representing the circle of life.

Within the philosophy of Yoga, the spiral has a particular significance, with the paths of energy described in tantric yoga mapped visually in the form of spirals from ancient times.  The spiral represents growth, or spiritual ascent, in the act of awakening to a higher level.

The creative coiling of feminine energy, the Kundalini Shakti, is symbolically represented by the form of the spiral, and indeed the sleeping Kundalini energy is often symbolized by a snake coiled into three and a half circles with its tail in its mouth, spiraled around the central energy channel.  The movements of energy through the central energy channel, Shushumna Nadi, and their contraction and expansion when Kundalini awakens, are depicted in spiral form.

 With Cindy’s Zimbabwean heritage and the link of the spiral with tantric yoga, we felt the Ndoro was the ideal symbol to represent the start if our yoga venture in Worcester.

"Ndoro - the spiral of life"

DATE 12.12.2017


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